Supporting Self-Reliance in Afghan Women, Families and Communities


Three components of the platform remain in the forefront as immediate priorities: food security initiatives, women and girls’ education, and women’s employment in skilled trades.
Our first priority is to help Afghan homesteaders start raising and growing their own food again, in greater quantities, quality, and variety, to begin breaking the cycles of dependency.
Next, we will build girls-only private schools, female-only trade schools, and female-only work floors where rural Afghan women can earn a decent living in a safe space.

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Homestead Afghanistan is focusing on building the all-female trade schools and work floors that have always been a part of our overarching plans for supporting self-reliant and shock resistant Afghan communities.
In order to ensure that Afghan women continue to have places to learn and work, within the new restrictions placed on them, gender-segregated and sharia-compliant learning, living and working spaces must be created for them, and these spaces must be staffed, equipped, supported, and protected.